Underground Online
Exp Rate:
  • Lvl 1 - Lvl 10 - 4000%
  • Lvl 11 - Lvl 20 - 3000%
  • Lvl 21 - Lvl 30 - 2000%
  • Lvl 31 - Lvl 40 - 1000%
  • Lvl 41 - Lvl 50 - 900%
  • Lvl 51 - Lvl 60 - 800%
  • Lvl 61 - Lvl 70 - 700%
  • Lvl 71 - Lvl 80 - 600%
  • Lvl 81 - Lvl 90 - 500%
  • Lvl 91 - Lvl 100 - 400%
  • Lvl 101 - Lvl 110 - 300%
  • Lvl 111 - Lvl 120 - 200%
  • Lvl 121+ - 100%
  • Lvl 651+ - 75% (Optional Pvp)
  • Exp: 100%
    Skill Rate: 5x
    Magic Rate: 5x
    Loot Rate: Optional Pvp - 100%
    Retro Open Pvp - 150%
    Host Location: CANADA
    Creation Date: 2007
    Versions: || OTClientV8 || Client Mobile ||

    Free Tibia Coins
    Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite Quest: 45 - 270 tibia coins per task and 666 tibia coins in the demons special task.
    Tournaments: 300 - 750 tibia coins for the first 3 winners.
    Guild: 50 - 90 tibia coins for 5 guild members with command !guildcoins.
    Online Reward: 1 tibia coin per hour online for players level 200+. (with live cast you receive 2 tibia coins)
    Loyalty System
    The Loyalty System was designed to favour Unline's most loyal customers. One day of premium time equals one loyalty point, which can grant you fancy titles and bonuses for your character if enough are accrued.
    Players' loyalty is recorded separately for every Game World, and the players with the most points can be seen on their corresponding Highscores page. In addition, any player can choose whether or not they want to show their amount of loyalty points on one of their account's character pages on Unline World. If they choose to show it, the title will be visible by 'looking' at that character in-game, along with info like that character's vocation and guild. If the player chooses to show it but doesn't pick a specific character for that purpose the info will appear on the character with the highest level of the account by default.
    In order to gain loyalty points, premium time is needed. Thus, after purchasing premium time, loyalty points will automatically be added to your account. It is not possible to spend loyalty points at the moment; just having the points will allow certain benefits.
    For every loyalty point you accumulate you can reach a title, for each title you will earn a 5% bonus on your character's basic skills, up to a maximum of 50% at 7000 loyalty points. This is a passive boost for all characters on the account, regardless of their status (premium or free) and does not expire. The bonus applies to the skills themselves eg a paladin with 100 range will gain 25 (25% of 100).
    Each account will receive a loyalty title corresponding to the amount of loyalty points the account possesses. This title appears in the "Account Information" section of all character profiles of unhidden characters on the account, and when looking at them.
    Loyalty Points
    Scout of Unline
    Sentinel of Unline
    Steward of Unline
    Warden of Unline
    Squire of Unline
    Warrior of Unline
    Keeper of Unline
    Guardian of Unline
    Sage of Unline
    Savant of Unline
    Enlightened of Unline
    Trainer Room
    Trainer room are shared training places, where the amount of player inside a room is converted to a bonus of faster skills.
    Inside these non-pvp rooms, players cannot attack other players.
    If you die for a trainer you will not lose level or skills. Each room has a min and max level allowed!
    Only the trainers found in the city of Aurora working with this bonus faster skills system. In the city of aurora there are a total of 40 training rooms. Trainers of this system do not die and also have the same attributes and attacks as a normal monster, you can push anyone if you get stuck.
    Boosted Creature
  • count 3 kills for Bestiary.
  • yield more experience points (+50% the normal amount).
  • carry more loot than usual (+100% the normal amount).
  • the player has a damage boost on that creature(+50% the normal damage).
  • The currently boosted creature will be displayed on the login screen of the client and using the command !boosted-monster.

    Note: That additional bonuses such as prey or other events like rapid respawn, double XP/skill weekends will be applied on top of that.
    Bonus XP
    Live Cast: 10% extra experience.
    Retro Open Pvp: 10% extra experience.
    Outfits and Mounts: bonus between 3-5% extra experience.
    Multi Clients users: 10% extra experience get by killing any monster for players with 4 characters online lvl 200+.
    Premium Account: 50% more Xp during your first two hours of stamina.
    Weekend Exp Event: All saturdays and sundays +0.25% xp for everyone for each online player
    (example: 100 players online = +25% xp bonus).
    Shared Experience
    To share experience points, the party leader must activate this feature through the menu by clicking on himself. If the shared experience is activated, and the defeated creature gives at least 20 exp points, an experience bonus will be given, as shown in the following table:
  • 20% bonus, if the players are of the same vocation;
  • 30% bonus if two different vocations are sharing experience;
  • 60% bonus if three different vocations are sharing experience;
  • 100% bonus if the four different vocations are sharing experience.
  • Stamina Regeneration
    Stamina Regeneration at 4th Streak Level (Protection Zones and Houses)
    Red Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 1 minutes.
    Orange Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 2 minutes.
    Green Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 3 minutes.
    Stamina Regeneration (Training Zones)
    Red Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 2 minutes while attacking training monster
    Orange Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 3 minutes while attacking training monster
    Green Stamina:Restores +1 stamina every 4 minutes while attacking training monster
    Stamina Regeneration (Exercice Weapons)
    Exercice Weapon: Restores +1 stamina every 30 seconds while attacking exercise dummy.
    Regeneration Rates
    Vocations regenerate hitpoints and mana in different amounts. Knights regenerate Hitpoints faster, while Druids and Sorcerers do the same for Mana. The type of food does not affect the regeneration rate.
    If a player gets a promotion then he will regenerate Hitpoints and/or Mana faster.
    See comparative table:
    First Vocations HP regen per second MP regen per second
    Sorcerer 1 every 12 seconds 2 every 3 seconds
    Druid 1 every 12 seconds 2 every 3 seconds
    Paladin 1 every 8 seconds 2 every 4 seconds
    Knight 1 every 6 seconds 2 every 6 seconds
    Thief 1 every 8 seconds 2 every 4 seconds
    Second Vocations HP regen per second MP regen per second
    Master Sorcerer 1 every 12 seconds 2 every 2 seconds
    Elder Druid 1 every 12 seconds 2 every 2 seconds
    Royal Paladin 1 every 6 seconds 2 every 2 seconds
    Elite Knight 1 every 4 seconds 2 every 6 seconds
    Assassin 1 every 6 seconds 2 every 2 seconds
    Third Vocations HP regen per second MP regen per second
    Alchemist 2 every 6 seconds 4 every 1 seconds
    Biochemist 2 every 6 seconds 4 every 1 seconds
    Sniper 2 every 3 seconds 4 every 1.5 seconds
    Gladiator 2 every 2 seconds 4 every 3 seconds
    Ninja 2 every 3 seconds 4 every 1.5 seconds
    Command Guild Coins
  • Only guild leader can request tibia coins.
  • The command can only be run once every 24 hours.
  • You need 5 guild members onlines with level 250 or higher.
  • Only 5 players will won tibia coins.
  • Min 5 players with different ip addresses.
  • Min 5 players with different accounts.
  • Each player can receive tibia coins for 30 times(days).
  • Command:!guildcoins.
    Reward:50 tibia coins..
    Quick loot System
    Quick loot commands
    and how to use them:
  • !quickloot transfer - with this command it is possible to transfer your quickloot pouch from one player to another !quickloot transfer,playerName - this item is not possible to move or trade.

  • !quickloot add - with this command it is possible you can add a single item to the list !quickloot add,itemName

  • !quickloot change-list - this command changes the list !quickloot change-list,7 - being able to better organize your quickloot for different hunts locations, the maximum number of lists the player has is 10.

  • !quickloot show - show list your current quicklooting items.

  • !quickloot clear - clear all your current quicklooting items from the selected list.

  • !quickloot monster,monsterName - with this command you can see all items of a certain creature, the chance of drop and the number of items.

  • Ultimate Teleport Scroll

    Ultimate teleport scroll
    and how to use them:
  • Mouse right click item - clicking on the scroll will open a window showing all the cities available to teleport.
  • !tp - shows a list of all available cities and their ids.
  • !tp cityName - teleports to the desired city.
  • !house tp - will teleport you to your house if you have.
  • !house list - will open a window with a list of houses to which you have access just select the house and click teleport.
  • !house playerName - teleports to the house by the owner's name.
  • !house number - teleports to the house by number in which it appears by the !house list
  • Monsters Egg
    Monster Egg how it works:

  • The monster egg can be obtained as a loot from any creature, but not from creatures that participate in the reward system.
  • With the monster egg you can summon the creature by clicking on it while on the floor.
  • It is not possible to summon in protection zones.

  • Frags
    Kills/day to Red Skull: 6
    Kills/week to Red Skull: 10
    Kills/month to Red Skull: 20
    White Skull time: 15 minutes
    Red Skull time: 7 days
    Black Skull time: 15 days
    Orange Skull time: 7 days
    Days to decrease frags: 24 hours
    Other Infos
    Horestis Jars Possibility to appear intact or not every day
    Level to Buy Houses Mainland level 200+
    House Rentals: Weekly (Check on page Houses for details).
    Free Bless: Rookgaard until level 20 - Mainland until level 100
    Level PvP: Until level 50
    Level Rewards:
  • Level 10 - 10000 gold coins
  • Level 20 - 20000 gold coins
  • Level 30 - 30000 gold coins
  • Level 40 - 40000 gold coins
  • Level 50 - 50000 gold coins
  • Level 100 - boots of haste
  • Level 250 - 250 tibia coins
  • Level 500 - 350 tibia coins
  • Server Save:
  • 23:59 [BR TIME]
  • Server Time:
  • 10:42:47 pm
  • Uptime: 4 days 21:41
    Boosted Boss

    The Unarmored Voidborn
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