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Started by Final Warning, May 22, 2023, 01:52 PM

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Final Warning

Help me by collecting Quest Logs information for building quests that don't exist on the server, there are only a few ways to get quest log, doing the quest in tibia rl or watching videos of someone doing.

If you get the information just call me here or on discord, the payment of tibia coins will be based on the difficulty level of the quest or the duration time which will be between 1000 and 5000 tibia coins, below is a list of quests that already have the quest log:

The Explorer Society
Spirithunters Quest
Spike Task
A Father's Burden
Bigfoot's Burden
Barbarian Test Quest
Children of the Revolution
Friends and Traders
Hot Cuisine
In Service of Yalahar
Killing in the Name of...
Sam's Old Backpack
Sea of Light
Secret Service
The Ancient Tombs
The Ape City
The Beginning
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction
The Djinn War - Marid Faction
The Hidden City of Beregar
The Ice Islands Quest
The Inquisition 
The New Frontier
The Postman Missions
The Shattered Isles
The Thieves Guild
The Travelling Trader Quest
The Queen of the Banshees
The Ultimate Challenges
The White Raven Monastery
To Appease the Mighty
Arito's Task
Against the Spider Cult
An Interest In Botany
Graves Sanctified - In Progress
Rest in Hallowed Ground
The Exterminator
The Ultimate Booze
Troll Sabotage
Hidden Threats
The Cursed Crystal
Lion's Rock
Nomads Land
Unnatural Selection
What a foolish Quest
Wrath of the Emperor
Forgotten Knowledge
The First Dragon
Cults of Tibia
Dangerous Depths
Threatened Dreams
The Great Dragon Hunt
A Guardian of The LM
The Lost Brother
Liquid Black Quest
The Pits of Inferno
The Secret Library
Hunter's Quiver 
Grave Danger
The Dream Courts
Feaster of Souls
Blood Brothers
The Order of the Lion
An Uneasy Alliance
Rise of Devovorga
Kissing a Pig
The Isle Of Evil
Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea
Soul War
Ferumbras' Ascendant
Heart of Destruction

Final Warning

Recent Added:

The Sweaty Cyclops
The Mermaid Marina
The Blessed Stake
The Paradox Tower
The Spirit Will Get You
Shadows of the Yalahar
Dark Trails
Within the Tides
Primal Ordeal
Cradle of Mosnters
The Gravedigger of Drefia