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Basic Information
The event is automatic and takes place every day at 10 pm;
After the announcement, access to the event will be open for 15 minutes, located at the east and west exits of Aurora or at Dry Creek stores;
The System will automatically balance teams, with Minimum 3 players each team;
When the 15 minutes of waiting is over, the access will close and the teams will have another 5 minutes to meet the team members and prepare;
After this 5 minute wait is over, everyone will be teleported to different locations between 1 of the 4 arenas, the arenas will be changed every 10 minutes;
This event can happen in two ways: Lives or Frags;
Battlefield Lives: this event consists of killing all your opponents, when starting they all received between 5 to 10 lives, if you die you will be reborn in a different location and will be eliminated when their lives run out. This event has a duration of 60 minutes, if your team doesn't kill all of the opposing team no one will win.
Battlefield Frags: this event consists of killing as many opponents as possible, with no frag limit if you die you will be reborn in a different location. This event has a duration of 60 minutes.
This event has 4 levels modalities:
Level min 100, max 300
Level min 300, max 500
Level 500+
Any level
Every 2 minutes, 1 of these 4 types of power ups will appear during tournaments.

Red Vortex - increases chance and damage critical skills by 100%.

Green Vortex - increases your attack speed +50%.

Purple Vortex - kills everyone on your screen in just 1 hit.

Blue Vortex - adds 100% protection against any damage.

To get these bonuses just jump on top of these vortexes and the bonus have 5 minutes duration.
Unable to login with multi-client at event;
Within the tournament you will not be able to change your outfit or color so choose before;
Once inside you can't leave until the event ends;

If you die you will not lose level, skills or items in the event.
Name Description
1 Bag You Desire
1 Bag You Desire (20% chance that 1 of the winning team member will win this rare item)
20 Tournament Coins
20 Tournament coins(All Survivors of the winning team)
With tournament coins you can trade with Npc David for special bonuses or items.
100 Tibia Coins
100 Tibia coins(All Survivors of the winning team)

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