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Basic Information
Upgrade Weapon System works like this is a free system as you get experience your weapon will also get a small part about 1% (this % is multiplied by the number of tokens) without interfering with your level, to activate the system just use the command !Weapon on.

Advantage List
Level Experience Damage Extra %
Level 1 156.948 2%
Level 2 1.293.898 4%
Level 3 4.410.848 6%
Level 4 10.507.798 8%
Level 5 20.584.748 10%
Level 6 35.641.698 12%
Level 7 56.678.648 14%
Level 8 84.695.598 16%
Level 9 120.692.548 18%
Level 10 165.669.498 20%
Level 11 220.626.448 22%
Level 12 286.563.398 24%
Level 13 364.480.348 26%
Level 14 455.377.298 28%
Level 15 560.254.248 30%
Level 16 extra upgrade token

Upgrade Token
The upgrading system allows you to upgrade the ability of your current weapon or armor.
After upgrading an item a message will display and the item will have a +1 added to it.
Items can be upgraded up to +15.
Note: Upgrade tokens have a 30% chance to fail.
Equipment Effects of Upgrade
(Melee, Distance, Wands Rods)
Each +1 increases 5% damage
Shield Each +2 increases 1 Def
If the item is +15 it receives a 1 Def bonus
Each +2 increase 1 Arm
If the item is +15 it receives a 1 Arm bonus
Boosted Boss

The Nightmare Beast
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