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Guild Level

Basic Information
The whole guild will gain bonus.
Guild members must log in for effects to be activated.
Need 5 members online and above level 150 can earn points.
Level information can be viewed both on site or inside the game by command !guild info.
All bonuses are continuous, so if a guild is at level MAX, it will gain all bonuses below. But same bonuses are not stackable.
If a guild was been deleted, all progress will be lost. Take care.
Warlock items makers and normal regeneration items also received regeneration bonus.
Advantage List
Level Points Needed Bonus
Level 1 210.584.748 none
Level 2 551.064.169 +3% experience
Level 3 761.067.864 +6% experience
Level 4 910.695.590 +5% loot
Level 5 +10% loot
Level 6 1.210.566.949 +50% health regen
Level 7 1.410.062.644 +30% mana regen
Level 8 1.610.656.339 +10% experience
Level 9 1.810.448.034 +15% loot
Level 10 (MAX) 2.005.377.290 +3% elemental defense (except physical)
How to level up?
By killing monsters (above 5000 exp) +10% pts.
(total creature experience including bonuses)
Killing players
(above lvl 150 currently at war active)
+250 pts.
By killing bosses
(that uses reward system)
+500 pts.

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