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Premium time will only end if the character is online.
With maker remover you can remove any maker and add to another equipment.
Below you can see more information.
How to get extra and free Tibia Coins
Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite Quest: 15 - 90 tibia coins per task and 666 tibia coins in the demons special task.
Tournaments: 100 - 250 tibia coins for the first 3 winners.
Guild: 50 - 90 tibia coins for 5 guild members with command !guildcoins.
Donation: Each 250 tibia coins gain 90 tibia coins bonus.
Online Reward: 1 tibia coin per hour online for players level 200+.
How to get store discounts
Outfits Effects Some outfits may offer 5% or 50% discount in the store.
Mounts Effects Some mounts may offer 3% discount in the store.
Badges Badges can offer between 5% to 25% discount in the store.
Achievements For every 100 Achievements Points player will have +5% discount in the store.
Weekend Event Every 4 weekends there is a Store Discount bonus that is calculated with the amount of players online, each online player equals 0.25% bonus.
XP Boost 30
5x Prey Bonus Reroll 50
20x Prey Bonus Reroll 200
Permanent Prey Slot 900
Premium Time
Premium Time 30 Days 250
Premium Time 90 Days 750
Premium Time 180 Days 1500
Premium Time 360 Days
All Regular Blessings 130
The Wisdom of Solitude 15
The Spark of the Phoenix 20
The Fire of the Sun 15
The Spiritual Shielding 15
The Embrace of Tibia 15
Heart of the Mountain 25
Blood of the Mountain 25
Useful Items
Amulet of loss (10 charges) 100
Special Abilities Remover (10 charges) 500
*Quickloot Pouch 900
Broken Amulet (10 charges) 1000
Item Recovery Token Info 1700
*Ultimate Teleport Scroll 3000
Extras Services
Sex Change* 120
Name Change 250
Charm Expansion 450
Pet Name Change 250
Brutal Pet Upgrade 500
Temporarily Optional Pvp 1000
Permanent Optional Pvp 5000
Special Item Makers
By certain methods like hard quests you will have the chance to add special abilities to your set and weapons, like making an armor give you some extra health(small amount: example 5%) or adding speed boots or extra hp and mana regen to your set (in small amounts but there are way more attributes)
Augments Spell Maker 50% 5000
Brutal Weapon Maker 1.75x
Brutal Weapon Maker 2.5x
Warlocks Maker 8
Warlocks Maker 15
Blessed-Magically Maker 5
Blessed-Magically Maker 10
Supreme Armor Maker 30%
Supreme Maker 5%
Magically-shielded Shield Maker 30%
Double-forced Shield Maker 30%
Speedy Shoes Maker 50%
Fortune amulet maker 30%

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Neferi The Spy
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