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Cast System

Live characters without password received +10% loot bonus by killing a monster
and +10% damage bonus during PVP combat.
Cast Status
Server Status:Unline online
Cast Status: 7 Active
To access the cast system and watch one of our players you must open the Unline client of your choice and follow the instructions below:

You must click on Enter Game and just press Enter to proceed, except in cases where the player has placed password in your transmissions, in these cases just type the “password” of the cast in the field Password and click on Enter.

In the case of cast's without password, after choosing the client to be used and following the previous step, a list of players that are transmitting will appear in your client, choose the cast of your choice and enter. After you have entered the cast of the player, you can chat with him using Spectator Chat, in this chat you can interact with the player and other spectators like you.
Cast Commands
Commands Description of command
!startcast Create your own cast.
!startcast password Create your own cast with password.
!stopcast Close your own cast.
ctrl+arrow keys You can switch casts with ctrl+arrow keys.
Live Characters
# Player Cast Information Viewers
1 Zutten
856 - Sniper
2 Alsanna Thos
683 - Alchemist
Alsanna Thos
3 Tassitron-yd
56 - Druid
4 Lord Ryu
192 - Biochemist
Lord Ryu
5 Tidion
519 - Ninja
6 Hyperion-yr
38 - Druid
7 Gimbli
353 - Gladiator

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Server Status


Players: 107
Live Casts: 7
Uptime: 0 day 06:04
IP: unline.world
Port: 7171
Version: 12.40

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