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Item Recovery Service

Item Recovery Service
The Item Recovery Service gives you the ability to instantly recover lost or stolen items. that you previously registered to the Item Recovery Service and can recover your items unlimited times.
You can register on any type of equipment, Items with limited duration such as soft boots and death rings cannot be registered.
To use the system, first you must register an item to the Item Recovery Service.
After you have registered the item you can recover it using any character from your account using the !recover command.
Additionally, if you die while wearing the item and you drop it the item will be instantly sent to your depot.
To register an item:

Warning: The registration process is currently irreversible. Be sure to register the correct item.
1.- First acquire the Item Recovery Token in the store.
2.- Right click and select the desired item to register. Upon registering the item will be sent to your inbox.

To recover an item:

1.-Type the command !recover and press enter.
2.-You will receive a list with numbers and names of the items that you have registered. Find number of the item that you want to recover.
3.-Type the command !recover followed by blank space and the number of the item that you want to recover and press enter.
Example: !recover 4
4.-The item will be instantly sent to your depot inbox. Go to your depot inbox and pick up the item.
Items registered to the Item Recovery Service cannot be sold on the market, kept on the floor or on top of the depot. They can only be thrown inside a house, traded between players, or to the depot. Only owners can remove makers and tokens.
After you recover an item you will not be able to recover it again until 24 hours have passed.
You can recover items found in deleted characters, but if you are trying to recover an item that is found in a banned character, you will have to wait until his/her ban ends to recover the item.
You cannot recover items that are found in a character from your account, unless the character was deleted.

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