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The Bosstiary is the Bosses version of the Bestiary, albeit slightly simpler. By defeating bosses, players will progress in each boss' entry to unlock new progress levels, receiving boss points at each level. The Bosstiary can be opened with command !bosstiary.

There are three progress levels:

  • Prowess: allows you to assign this boss to a boss slot.
    • You receive the first boss slot when unlocking Prowess for the very first time.
    • If you select a boss for the boss slot, you benefit of an equipment loot bonus of 25%. This means that there is a 25% chance for you to receive another set of equipment loot from the boss.
      • This bonus only applies to items which can be equipped unless they are limited to one drop per boss kill, e.g. Ferumbras' Hat. Such unique drops are not affected by this bonus.
  • Expertise (Comming Soon)
  • Mastery grants you an additional 25% equipment loot bonus when this boss is assigned to a boss slot.

The equipment loot bonus of the boss slot can be increased gradually by accumulating points. The maximum loot bonus depends only on the maximum amount of bosses available in the bosstiary. Also, a second boss slot will be unlocked once you reach 1500 boss points.


There are three categories of bosses in the Bosstiary, similar to Creature's difficulties but based on their availability, not their strength:

  • Bane: Bosses which can be killed more than once by a character within 20 hours, e.g. Zugurosh and other The Inquisition Quest bosses.
  • Archfoe: Bosses which do not fall into the Bane category and which can be killed once every 20 up to 48 hours, e.g. Scarlett Etzel.
  • Nemesis: Bosses which neither fall into the Bane nor the Archfoe category since they appear less often or have a longer cooldown than 48 hours, e.g. Ferumbras.
Daily Boosted Boss

With every Server Save, a randomly drawn boss of the Archfoe category will receive a temporary boost until next server save. During that time, slaying the selected Archfoe will count as three kills for your Bosstiary and the boss will also carry more equipment loot than usual, with a loot rate of 250%.

If a boss is selected as daily boosted boss, its cooldown will be reset for every character with server save to ensure that it can be slain in time.

Similar to the daily boosted creature, the daily boosted can be seen in the client and also on the website.

Boss Points

By completing stages of a boss in the bosstiary you'll receive boss points. The amounts of points you receive depends on the completed stage and the boss category:

Category Required Kills to Unlock Boss Points Amount of Bosses
Prowess Expertise Mastery
(e.g. Kroazur, Black Knight)
25 100 300 50 (5+15+30) 68
(e.g. Grand Master Oberon, Drume)
5 20 60 100 (10+30+60) 101
(e.g. World Devourer, Ferumbras Mortal Shell)
1 3 5 100 (10+30+60) 105

The equipment loot bonus for the boss in the boss slot increases with the character's total boss points. Between 0 and 250 boss points, the character gets 1% more bonus for each 10 points he has. So with 10 points the bonus increases to 26%, with 20 points to 27%, and so on, until 250 boss points which gives 50% loot bonus. From then on, it's 1% bonus every 20 points, starting at 270 points with 51%, 290 points with 52%, etc, until 1250 points (100% bonus). Starting at 100% bonus, each additional level requires 5 points more than the previous one, i.e. 25 points for 101% bonus, 30 points for 102% bonus, etc.

Points range Bonus range Level advancement
0 - 250 25% - 50% 1 level every 10 points
250 - 1250 50% - 100% 1 level every 20 points
1250+ points 100% - ? 5 more points for each level (25, 30, 35, etc)

Based on the number of bosses currently in the Bosstiary, a total of 24,000 Boss Points can be obtained in game which would be equivalent to 191% of boss loot bonus.

Boss Slot

Upon reaching Prowess with a boss for the first time the player will unlock a boss slot. A second slot is obtained by getting a total of 1500 boss points. The boss assigned to the boss slot will benefit from the current maximum loot bonus which depends on your amount of boss points. The Boss Slot window can be opened by using the !boss slots command.

Each character can change the assigned boss once per server save for free. From then on, there's a gold fee that increases upon each change and resets at the server save. After the second change, each subsequent change costs 300,000 gold more than the previous one.

Change # Cost
1 Free
2 100,000
3 400,000
4 700,000
5 1,000,000

In case more than one character attacks a boss with regular loot, then the conditions of the character that deal most damage will be used to decide if there will be extra loot (if that character has the boss in his/hers Boss Slot) and the chances of the extra loot being rolled.

Boss Cooldowns

The Boss Cooldowns widget displays the cooldown of bosses you have killed at least once and that are classified as Archfoe (i.e. those with cooldown between 20 and 48h) in the Bosstiary, as well as the following special Nemesis bosses: Ferumbras Mortal Shell, Goshnar's Megalomania, The Last Lore Keeper and World Devourer.

The widget can be opened via the analytics selector.

Boosted Boss

The Unarmored Voidborn
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