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Hot Cuisine

It's time to dust off your spoons and sharpen your knives, for the famous gourmet chef Jean Pierre is back and needs your help cooking delicious meals.

Hot Cuisine 2015

Throughout the month, Jean Pierre will be in his kitchen, waiting for future apprentices. He will be willing to give you all his knowledge about his artistic and somewhat exotic recipes.

Arquivo:Carrot Cake.gif Arquivo:Banana Chocolate Shake.gif Arquivo:Demonic Candy Ball.gif

Altogether there are 14 different dishes, 10 of the first part and 4 of the second. Each dish has a special property and surely you will find something that will make your life easier, either to accomplish an impossible mission or just for fun.

When you finish preparing the first ten dishes, you will get the Jean Pierre’s Cookbook I and when you finish the other four, you will receive the Jean Pierre’s Cookbook II.

Check below all the dishes and their special properties:

Jean Pierre’s Cookbook I

Jean Pierre’s Cookbook II

In addition to getting these delicious dishes, you will also get the achievement Culinary Master !

If you would like more details about the event, visit the special page on Tibia Wiki!

Get ready to become a great gourmet chef!

Posted on 5 Aug 2022 - 00:08

Mounts Effects

This update introduces one of the most wanted features: Mounts effects.

Some mounts already have some varied bonuses available, not all mounts have a bonus but will be added soon, to see the list go to the page Mounts effects

Posted on 27 Jul 2022 - 01:07

Ferumbras !

Stay tuned!
Ferumbras prepares for his triumphant and vengeful return against Unline and the edron wizards who have imprisoned him in the tower. Zoltan realizes the Ferumbras movement and recruits his best wizards to protect world. Now it is possible to have the chance to get the Ferumbras Puppet Doll.

Posted on 20 Jul 2022 - 00:07

Morshabaal's Revenge World Raid

Another raid was added and it brings the boss Morshabaal, Orshabaal's older brother.

The entrance to Morshabaal is located in the Demonwar Dungeon in the city of Aurora.

To activate the raid, players must use a fire sword to ignite all the lava wells they can find inside the dungeon, but remember, it has to be fast, because the lava wells don't stay lit for a long time, teamwork is necessary.

Morshabaal has 3 stages with increasing strength:
  • Regular Morshabaal
  • Enraged Morshabaal
  • Furious Morshabaal

  • It will always have a counter next to its name. This counter starts at 25 with a green icon and decreases 1 per second. When it reaches 0 a new counter starts, with a red symbol, from 5 to 0. If Morshabaal is attacked during the red symbol counter it will change to the next stronger form.

    The stronger forms of Morshabaal take less damage and do more Damage Reflection, so the team must always focus on keeping it in the Regular Morshabaal stage. Even though it's still possible to deal damage to it in the Enraged form, it will not be very efficient. When it's Furious it will take very little damage but reflect a lot more of it.

    There are several key factors that must be taken into account during the fight:
  • Morshabaal's Damage Reflection is very strong, so all players should wear Stone Skin Amulets, Might Rings and other physical/death protection as much as possible.
  • Morshabaal uses Fear, so players should place fields such as Fire Bomb Runes under their characters to prevent running away when feared, specially the blockers. But do not throw a field under Morshabaal!
  • The lower Morshabaal's health is, the stronger it will become, taking less damage. It doesn't take more than 3 turns with a decent amount of shooters to bring it to half HP, but it will take several minutes to finish it off. Also, because of this mechanic it's probably impossible to kill it while in Enraged or Furious form, as it will easily heal all damage taken.
  • Morshabaal has a special chain attack that deals Ice Damage. The damage increases on each player it connects, starting with about 1000 to as much as 30,000. This chain only connects players directly adjacent to another, which is why it's essential to keep some distance between the blockers and the shooters.
  • The pillars in the room also reflect a lot of damage. You should only use single target attacks Sudden Death Runes and Spectral Bolts and never hit the pillars.
  • If Morshabaal is not attacked for 40 seconds all players will be kicked from the room and the fight resets. Because of that it's important that some damage is dealt (while with the green symbol) in case it becomes Furious or you'll lose all progress.
  • After a player enters the room you have 30-35 minutes to kill Morshabaal. If it doesn't die before that it will heal to full health.
  • After leaving Morshabaal's room players have to wait 3 minutes to be able to return.

  • Morshabaal's Extract

    With Morshabaal's Extract it is possible to transform part of the attack of the new Morshabaal's Weapons into a new damage, Purple Damage.

    Purple Damage is a new and extremely strong as there is no protection against it.

    Posted on 14 Jul 2022 - 00:07

    Full Moon

    Today the full moon will gain a strange impact on the island of Grimvale. From 12 Jul until 15 Jul there's a high chance of this raid to be triggered in late-night hours. A new armor was added Onyx Dread Armor.
    The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls.
    Something powerful and strange has started to move on Grimvale!
    Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its apex and ancient evil returns.

    Posted on 12 Jul 2022 - 00:07

    New Mounts

    New mounts have been added to the Store today!

    If you are looking for a vigilant and faithful companion, look no further! Glide through every realm and stare into the darkest abyss on the back of a Void Watcher, Rune Watcher, or Rift Watcher.

    These creatures already know everything about you anyway, for they have been watching you from the shadows!

    Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a Premium account.

    Get yourself a watchful companion!

    Posted on 6 Jul 2022 - 00:07

    Exaltation Forge Release!

    This update brings you the brand-new Exaltation Forge.

    The Exaltation Forge offers players a way to upgrade weapons, armour, and helmets. Items can be increased in tiers, with the maximum number of tiers for an item being limited by its classification into one of four groups.

    There are two ways to rank up an item to a higher tier. The first one requires two of the same items to be fused, in addition to a sum of gold (higher tiers demand higher prices), and 100 dust. Success of a fusion is not guaranteed – there is a possibility that the second item will be either reduced by one tier, or, in case it was a tier 0 item, it will be destroyed. Using exalted cores, the success of the operation can be increased, however, and the risk of losing a tier gets reduced, should the fusion fail.

    The other way to increase an item's tier is by transferring a tier from another item of the same class. The target item, which is to receive the tier, has to be tier 0, while the source item, from which the tier is transferred, has to be at least tier 2. This process requires 100 dust, one exalted core, and a sum of gold. The transfer is guaranteed to succeed. The target item receives the source item's tier by a reduction of one tier, while the source item itself will be destroyed during the transfer.

    Upgrading an item this way provides it with the new effects Onslaught (for weapons), Ruse (for armours), and Momentum (for helmets). A higher tier increases the trigger chance of these effects.

    Access the page for a small tutorial on how the Exaltation Forge will work for now here at Unline World.

    Hope you enjoy the update,
    Your Administrator.

    Posted on 28 Jun 2022 - 00:06


    The witches of the green claw swamp need your help once more as they are about to brew their special mixture once more. 

    The world event Bewitched will start tomorrow, June 21, after server save. Supply the witches with the needed ingredients for their magical draught, and protect their cauldron from the bane-bringers. Who knows, you might even get the chance to fight their leader, the bane lord.

    So gather enough ingredients, earn favour points, and keep the cauldron boiling until June 25, server save, in order to succeed. A special book which you can find in the green claw swamp will provide you with further information on the event and your task.

    In case of success, your entire game world will be rewarded with an experience bonus of 50%. In addition, by contributing to the event you can earn favour points which you can trade for potions and a pet raven with Minzy.

    Have fun and fill the cauldron!

    Posted on 20 Jun 2022 - 00:06

    Exaltation Forge

    The next update is comming and will introduce the Exaltation Forge, a way to gain access to new powerful effects. In order to make use of this system, players need new resources.

    The first one is dust. In order to get dust, which is non-tradeable, players have to kill influenced monsters. These creatures have a low chance to spawn in place of a regular monster and are stronger versions of regular monsters. They can carry one to five stacks which gives them increased damage and maximum health – the more they have, the stronger they are, and the higher the potential to yield more dust. How many stacks a creature has is indicated below their name in the game window. While a player can only carry 100 dust at first, this limit can be increased to a maximum of 225 by spending dust.

    An influenced squid warden...

    ... and a fiendish dragon.

    In addition to influenced monsters, there are also fiendish monsters. These are even stronger creatures, which do however also give more dust, as well as a new tradable resource called slivers. Fiendish monsters are considerably rarer than influenced monsters. A new spell, Find Fiend, will be introduced, which indicates the direction of the nearest fiendish creature. At the Exaltation Forge, dust can be converted into slivers, and slivers can be converted into exalted cores.

    Three new effects can be gained by using the forge: Onslaught, through which an attack may deal 60% bonus damage, which is additive to critical hits; Ruse, which provides a chance of completely avoiding damage from an attack; and finally Momentum, which grants a chance every two seconds to reduce all existing spell cooldowns by two seconds if the battle sign is present. This affects individual spell cooldown and the secondary group cooldown, but not the primary group cooldown. All three effects will be visualised in the game window when they trigger.

    More details about the workings of this system will be provided upon release.

    See you at the forge,
    Your Administrator.

    Posted on 15 Jun 2022 - 23:06

    Full Moon

    Today the full moon will gain a strange impact on the island of Grimvale. From 12 Jun until 15 Jun there's a high chance of this raid to be triggered in late-night hours. A new armor was added Onyx Dread Armor.
    The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls.
    Something powerful and strange has started to move on Grimvale!
    Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its apex and ancient evil returns.

    Posted on 12 Jun 2022 - 00:06

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