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Characters Information
Chano(1) Retro Open Pvp
Experience 0
Achievement Points 0
Charm Points 0
Tourny Points 0
Forge Dusts 0/100
Vocation None
World Unibria
Maritial single
Last Login Never logged in.
Created 13 July 2024, 11:12 am
Account Information
Created 16 September 2020, 15:34:02
Loyalty Title Enlightened of Unline World
Health 150
Mana 5
Magic 0
Fist 10
Club 10
Sword 10
Axe 10
Distance 10
Shielding 10
Fishing 10

PvP Stats
K/D Ratio 0.0
Last 24h Unjusts 0
Last 7 days Unjusts 0
Last 30 days Unjusts 0
Special Skills
Health 0%
Mana 0%
Magic Level 0%
Meele Skill 0%
Distance Skill 0%
Shield Skill 0%
Critical Damage 0%
Life Leech Chance 0%
Life Leech Damage 0%
Mana Leech Chance 0%
Mana Leech Damage 0%

Name Level Status
1. Chano 1 Offline View

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