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Status: Online
Players Online: 138 Players Online Server PVP Type
Online Record: 264 Players
Creation Date: 2007-2021
Location: South America
PvP Type: Retro Open PvP

Players Online
Name  [sort] Pvp  [sort] Level  [sort] Vocation  [sort]
Abby Enabled 314 Gladiator
Abrakadabra Disabled 260 Alchemist
Abyssion Enabled 551 Sniper
Aimbot Disabled 960 Sniper
Ains Ooal Gwon Enabled 393 Ninja
Ainz Ooal Enabled 357 Alchemist
Akiles Disabled 369 Alchemist
Al-Shabaab Disabled 676 Biochemist
Ali Boulala Disabled 913 Master Sorcerer
Alpha Aztec Disabled 40 Royal Paladin
Anuel Aa Enabled 429 Sniper
Aragorn Disabled 791 Gladiator
Aremiren Sura Disabled 49 Knight
Aremiren Suray Disabled 45 Knight
Auto Disabled 928 Ninja
Avada Kedavra Enabled 429 Alchemist
Beatricy Enabled 471 Biochemist
Belcebu Disabled 237 Ninja
Bien Mariguano Enabled 349 Gladiator
Bonnie Enabled 219 Ninja
Botas Blancas Disabled 179 Gladiator
Carloz Vv Disabled 707 Gladiator
Celestin Disabled 779 Biochemist
Cinderella Man Disabled 781 Alchemist
Cobra Kai Disabled 797 Ninja
Deadbeat Disabled 382 Ninja
Death Note Enabled 230 Ninja
Dharius Disabled 1029 Ninja
Disto Disabled 832 Sniper
Doritos Zk Disabled 320 Ninja
Draco Malfoy Disabled 579 Alchemist
Drawenz Enabled 309 Assassin
Durely Disabled 329 Alchemist
El Cangry Disabled 418 Ninja
El Mekaniko Disabled 424 Sniper
Erza Scarlet Disabled 236 Gladiator
Farmer Dos Disabled 436 Ninja
Farmer Uno Disabled 704 Ninja
Force Disabled 844 Gladiator
Fridareaper Disabled 1219 Biochemist
Gallantmon Disabled 123 Thief
Gavin Disabled 476 Gladiator
Ghost Arrow Disabled 708 Sniper
Gold Slave Disabled 160 Ninja
Hannibal Disabled 427 Ninja
Harder Better Enabled 871 Alchemist
Hatred Enabled 202 Sniper
Hefesto Disabled 786 Gladiator
Hendrix Enabled 513 Biochemist
Hiruzen Disabled 948 Ninja
Hyoga Disabled 582 Biochemist
Hyperion-ao Disabled 52 Druid
Icyhomeboy Disabled 764 Gladiator
Inosuke Disabled 191 Ninja
Jack The Rippe Disabled 213 Sniper
Jahora Dardor Enabled 495 Alchemist
Jahora Jr Disabled 941 Sniper
Jane Doe Enabled 1235 Sniper
Juan Lopes Enabled 148 Ninja
Kaedehara Disabled 8 Knight
Kare Shimbombo Enabled 8 Druid
Kenzou Disabled 419 Gladiator
Keyaru Enabled 425 Biochemist
Killer Bee Disabled 713 Ninja
Killer Pollo Enabled 573 Ninja
Knoxy Disabled 855 Ninja
Koala Disabled 308 Ninja
Krad Disabled 578 Ninja
Kraken Evil Enabled 603 Sniper
Kurt Weller Enabled 1014 Ninja
La Wera Disabled 440 Sniper
Lady Esdeath Disabled 165 Gladiator
Lake Of Fire Disabled 1382 Biochemist
Landesteinder Disabled 942 Alchemist
Lara Croft Disabled 214 Ninja
Lethal Rush Disabled 645 Ninja
Lore-ag Disabled 39 Knight
Loretinha-ah Disabled 68 Knight
Lukaz Disabled 408 Sniper
Lurk Enabled 38 Druid
Mael Enabled 1409 Sniper
Maketask-coin Disabled 143 Gladiator
Maketask-tres Disabled 113 Gladiator
Maquiabelico Enabled 81 Alchemist
Marrucku Disabled 251 Gladiator
Mattryxzin Disabled 649 Ninja
Maximo Evil Enabled 311 Biochemist
Mimosa Tournament 300 Biochemist
Moghen Enabled 414 Alchemist
Morphina Disabled 920 Ninja
Mr Lord Tournament 249 Biochemist
My Bu Enabled 549 Biochemist
Neymi Enabled 893 Alchemist
Nightking Disabled 955 Ninja
Nightreaper Disabled 1171 Gladiator
Ninjazin Enabled 838 Ninja
No Damage Disabled 501 Gladiator
Oberyn Disabled 566 Gladiator
Omega Disabled 419 Gladiator
Operadinho Enabled 313 Gladiator
Pritzker Disabled 516 Ninja
Rage Disabled 938 Sniper
Ralph Lauren Disabled 257 Ninja
Red Arrow Enabled 181 Sniper
Reveca Disabled 1000 Sniper
Roronoa Zoro Disabled 871 Ninja
Sack Enabled 502 Sniper
Salvation Disabled 912 Biochemist
Samdg Enabled 110 Sniper
Santo Grifo Disabled 771 Alchemist
Seboso Disabled 540 Alchemist
Shammy Disabled 375 Biochemist
Shio Ralaraxoz Disabled 772 Sniper
Shoteer Enabled 443 Sniper
Siderax Disabled 8 Druid
Sir Morro Disabled 687 Gladiator
Sirunderground Disabled 416 Gladiator
Skol Sensation Disabled 823 Sniper
Sly Mohafaka Disabled 583 Gladiator
Snipe Enabled 593 Sniper
Sniperbr Enabled 250 Sniper
Son Of'killer Disabled 196 Gladiator
Sophie Disabled 628 Biochemist
Spartacus Disabled 537 Gladiator
Tassitron-at Disabled 34 Druid
Thiefcito Enabled 539 Ninja
Tocko Disabled 119 Ninja
Tzoyectzin Enabled 305 Gladiator
Uncle Olaf Disabled 448 Ninja
Unforgettable Enabled 847 Sniper
Valak Disabled 374 Alchemist
Vali Lucifer Disabled 373 Alchemist
Vampel Enabled 246 Sniper
Viollatorzenho Tournament 300 Alchemist
Vitaly Disabled 256 Gladiator
Wish Disabled 746 Gladiator
Yzten Disabled 669 Biochemist
Zarxilmen Disabled 607 Alchemist

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Players: 138
Uptime: 3h 10m
IP: unline.world
Port: 7171
Version: 12.30

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