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Characters Information
Blue(252) Retro Open Pvp
Experience 260612774
Boosted Monster Diremaw Diremaw
Achievement Points 150
Charm Points 1503
Tourny Points 210
Forge Dusts 20/100
Vocation Ninja
Residence Port Hope
World Unibria
Guild Member of the Brotherhoods
House Unnamed House 04
Maritial single
Last Login 24 July 2024, 5:51:08 pm
Created 15 June 2024, 1:50 pm
Account Information
Created 10 September 2019, 13:32:32
Loyalty Title Squire of Unline World
Health 1649
Mana 3700
Magic 33
Fist 32
Club 11
Sword 107
Axe 10
Distance 13
Shielding 36
Fishing 10

PvP Stats
Kills 1
Deaths 4
K/D Ratio 0.3
Last 24h Unjusts 0
Last 7 days Unjusts 0
Last 30 days Unjusts 0
Special Skills
Health 0%
Mana 0%
Magic Level 0%
Meele Skill 0%
Distance Skill 0%
Shield Skill 0%
Critical Damage 0%
Life Leech Chance 0%
Life Leech Damage 0%
Mana Leech Chance 0%
Mana Leech Damage 0%
Name Heart (207)
Race Brutal Nightstalker
Experience 147247522
Health 1386
Magic 35
Meele 93
Dist 10
Shield 76

Bearhugger Chorister
Fountain of Life Greenhorn
Honorary Barbarian Huntsman
Matchmaker Scrapper
Steampunked Vanity
Demonic Barkeeper Do Not Disturb
I Need a Hug Joke's on You
Let the Sunshine In Rollercoaster
Slim Chance The Undertaker
Natural Born Cowboy Skin-Deep
Snowbunny Something's in There
Mageslayer Back into the Abyss
Beautiful Agony Blood-Red Snapper
Choking on Her Venom Just Cracked Me Up!
Meat Skewer No More Hiding
One Less Rootless Behaviour
Scorched Flames Something Smells
The Drowned Sea God Twisted Mutation
Si, Ariki! Dream's Over
Howly Silence Kapow!
King of the Ring Stepped on a Big Toe
Zzztill Zzztanding! Becoming a Bigfoot
Death from Below Dungeon Cleaner
Final Strike Gnome Friend
Gnome Little Helper Gnomebane's Bane
Gnomelike Gnomish Art Of War
Honorary Gnome Seasoned Adventurer
Bearbaiting Fried Shrimp
Lost Palace Raider Magnetised
Pecking Order Thick-Skinned
Contender Hunting Permit
Little Adventure Annihilator
Champion of Chazorai Elite Hunter
High-Flyer Potion Addict
Ruthless Ship's Kobold
Warlord of Svargrond Aristocrat
Ashes to Dust Beak Doctor
Honorary Gnome
Barbarian Arena Quest Bigfoot's Burden Quest
Blood Herb Quest Chayenne's Realm Quest
The Annihilator Quest The Demon Helmet Quest
The New Frontier Quest
Noblewoman Noblewoman Afflicted Afflicted
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter
Racing Bird War Bear
Titanica Stampor
Ironblight Platesaurian
Azudocus Carpacosaurus
Emerald Raven
23 Jul 2024, 08:22

Died at level 253 by grand canon dominus

22 Jul 2024, 23:04

Died at level 255 by grand canon dominus

22 Jul 2024, 13:49

Died at level 257 by Grand Commander Soeren

22 Jul 2024, 03:32

Died at level 258 by Preceptor Lazare

22 Jul 2024, 02:54

Died at level 260 by a falcon paladin

20 Jul 2024, 07:00

Died at level 239 by a cave hydra

19 Jul 2024, 20:55

Died at level 237 by a cave hydra

Name Level Status
1. Vgs Arkh 37 Offline View

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