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Creature Img Hit Points Experience Charms Loot
Ashfalor 500000 10000
gold coin, two handed sword, double axe, fire axe, silver dagger, demon shield, small emerald, black pearl, teddy bear, talon, energy ring, small amethyst, small sapphire, thunder hammer, silver amulet, ring of healing, Ashfalor's Heart, giant sword, white pearl, orb, magic light wand, devil helmet, stealth ring, small diamond, big bone, gold ring, golden mug, ice rapier, mastermind shield, crystal ring, golden legs, skull staff, might ring, protection amulet, platinum amulet, dragon hammer, golden sickle, stone skin amulet, boots of haste, mind stone, moonlight rod, ancient amulet, necrotic rod, ring of the sky, snakebite rod, magic plate armor, purple tome, strange symbol, crystal ball, wand of decay, Ashfalor Claw, green gem, blue gem, crystal necklace, Ashfalor Shield, Ashfalor Boots, Ashfalor Legs, Ashfalor Armor, Ashfalor Helmet, Ashfalor Wand, life crystal, voodoo doll,
Boosted Boss

The Nightmare Beast
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