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Characters Information
Harry El Sucio Potter(142) Retro Open Pvp
Experience 46074159
Achievement Points 10
Charm Points 0
Tourny Points 0
Forge Dusts 32/100
Vocation Alchemist
Residence Aurora
Maritial single
Last Login 16 June 2023, 4:07:19 pm
Created 12 February 2023, 11:09 pm
Account Information
Created 6 February 2023, 12:20:56
Health 855
Mana 4060
Magic 83
Fist 22
Club 13
Sword 22
Axe 10
Distance 10
Shielding 32
Fishing 10

PvP Stats
Deaths 2
K/D Ratio 0.0
Last 24h Unjusts 0
Last 7 days Unjusts 0
Last 30 days Unjusts 0
Special Skills
Health 0%
Mana 0%
Magic Level 0%
Meele Skill 0%
Distance Skill 0%
Shield Skill 0%
Critical Damage 0%
Life Leech Chance 0%
Life Leech Damage 0%
Mana Leech Chance 0%
Mana Leech Damage 0%
Name Blistering Fire Elemental (142)
Race Blistering Fire Elemental
Experience 47247628
Health 855
Magic 96
Meele 10
Dist 10
Shield 27

Natural Born Cowboy Back into the Abyss
Choking on Her Venom One Less
Scorched Flames Dream's Over
Stepped on a Big Toe Zzztill Zzztanding!
Chequered Teddy
Emperor's Cookies Quest
Tamed Panda
Name Level Status
1. Bubblee 50 Offline View
2. Erick Yandel 246 Offline View
3. Explorador 117 Offline View
4. Harry El Sucio Potter 142 Offline View
5. Inquisidor 31 Offline View
6. Kniightmare 363 Offline View

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Neferi The Spy
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