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Characters Information
Elijah(807) Retro Open Pvp
Experience 8702428289
Achievement Points 99
Charm Points 1275
Tourny Points 2215
Forge Dusts 19/100
Vocation Alchemist
Residence Darashia
Guild The Leader of the BRASIL
Maritial single
Last Login 6 April 2024, 7:03:15 pm
Created 12 July 2020, 1:45 am
Account Information
Created 2 April 2020, 22:41:07
Health 4180
Mana 24010
Magic 128
Fist 19
Club 12
Sword 16
Axe 10
Distance 10
Shielding 33
Fishing 10

PvP Stats
Kills 59
Deaths 58
K/D Ratio 1.0
Last 24h Unjusts 0
Last 7 days Unjusts 0
Last 30 days Unjusts 0
Special Skills
Health 0%
Mana 0%
Magic Level 0%
Meele Skill 0%
Distance Skill 0%
Shield Skill 0%
Critical Damage 0%
Life Leech Chance 0%
Life Leech Damage 0%
Mana Leech Chance 0%
Mana Leech Damage 0%
Name Japones (453)
Race Brutal Braindeath
Experience 1543598108
Health 3615
Magic 118
Meele 10
Dist 10
Shield 35

I Did My Part Bad Timing
Blood-Red Snapper Choking on Her Venom
Crawling Death No More Hiding
Zzztill Zzztanding! Becoming a Bigfoot
Crystal Keeper Death from Below
Final Strike Gnome Friend
Gnome Little Helper Gnomebane's Bane
Gnomelike Gnomish Art Of War
Honorary Gnome Lost Palace Raider
Hunting Permit Library Liberator
Master Debater Millennial Falcon
Spectulation A Study in Scarlett
Beyonder Prospectre
Annihilator Champion of Chazorai
High Inquisitor Master of the Nexus
Ruthless Demonbane
Skilled Hunter Battle Mage
Prison Break
Bigfoot's Burden Quest Blood Herb Quest
Feaster of Souls Quest Forgotten Knowledge Quest
Grave Danger Quest Sea of Light Quest
The Annihilator Quest The Inquisition Quest
The Lament Quest The New Frontier Quest
The Order of the Cobra Quest The Order of the Falcon Quest
The Secret Library Quest
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Winter Warden Winter Warden
Owl Keeper Owl Keeper Herder Herder
Frost Tracer Frost Tracer
Platesaurian Azudocus
Carpacosaurus Steel Bee
Sea Devil Prismatic unicorn
Gloom Widow Floating Augur
Coral Rhea

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