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True Neutral

Guild Information
New guild. Hagamos crecer esta Guild y vayamos por bosses.
Si deseas unirte mándame un mensaje.

The guild was founded on Underground on 27 August 2021.
Vitaly is the owner of True Neutral.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
The Leader Luxor Sniper 1140 Offline
Vitaly Gladiator 432 Offline
Vice-Leader Coca Cola Ninja 168 Offline
Gasparin Gladiator 82 Offline
Kracken Evil Sniper 593 Offline
Member Ali Boulala Alchemist 1098 Offline
Amapola Ninja 817 Online
Apocaliptico Alchemist 591 Online
Athena Sniper 367 Offline
Avada Kedavra Alchemist 589 Online
Azarus Alchemist 742 Offline
Canserbero Ninja 350 Offline
El Texis Gladiator 153 Offline
Hielizzimo Biochemist 446 Offline
Hierro Ninja 164 Offline
Killerbeh Gladiator 304 Offline
Kinitha Gladiator 159 Offline
Krakken Evil Ninja 165 Offline
Laureles Ninja 626 Offline
Legolaz Sniper 73 Offline
Lucario Ninja 552 Offline
Luco Daron Ninja 218 Offline
Marinela Gladiator 250 Offline
Marte Gladiator 219 Offline
Master El Sobi Gladiator 250 Offline
Merlyn Alchemist 260 Offline
Method Man Assassin 250 Offline
Omeprazol Ninja 152 Offline
Oraculo Biochemist 109 Offline
Pica Culo Gladiator 250 Offline
Power Abused Biochemist 1068 Online
Puneta Velos Biochemist 94 Offline
Renekton Ninja 640 Online
Sagittario Sniper 639 Offline
Sairester Gladiator 823 Offline
Sat Gladiator 972 Offline
Satira Biochemist 122 Offline
Scorpina Biochemist 123 Offline
Segundo Druid 102 Offline
Sexo Oral Druid 79 Offline
Sunjinwoo Royal Paladin 123 Offline
Tentasion Biochemist 105 Offline
Tercero Biochemist 107 Offline
Wanteshifer Ninja 117 Offline
Yajaira Assassin 147 Offline
Yzten Biochemist 1008 Offline

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