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We don't join wars, we just play the game. This is how you join our guild. Three rules: 1. Don't talk about fight club 2. Refer to 1. No nos unimos a las guerras, solo jugamos el juego

The guild was founded on Underground on 30 July 2020.
Ozymandias is the owner of Neutral.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Don Cano Sevka Ninja 1294 Offline
Fridareaper Biochemist 1567 Online
Nightreaper Gladiator 1466 Offline
Ozymandias Gladiator 1365 Online
Sottocapo Auto Ninja 1190 Online
Bullseye Sniper 1202 Offline
Canzo Alchemist 1268 Offline
Celestin Biochemist 1046 Offline
Devaster Alchemist 1079 Offline
Keebler Sniper 1286 Online
Mcleans Ninja Ninja 1245 Online
Rage Sniper 1100 Online
Capo Acid Alchemist 900 Offline
Blocker'maxxed Gladiator 1007 Offline
Cano Gladiator Gladiator 422 Offline
Cole Sniper 950 Offline
Dayreaper Sniper 1060 Offline
Ghost Arrow Sniper 1144 Offline
Grim Alchemist 375 Offline
Lukaz Sniper 1016 Offline
Reapers Ninja 994 Offline
Shinigami Gladiator 1067 Online
Storm Biochemist 1088 Offline
Thunderblast Biochemist 910 Offline
Soldati Alucard Biochemist 433 Offline
Ashe (Le Rashe) Sniper 203 Offline
Dankytanky Gladiator 469 Offline
Dead Eye Sniper 201 Offline
Doom Alchemist 908 Offline
Draco Malfoy Alchemist 584 Offline
Enzo Gabriel Biochemist 104 Offline
Gifted Alchemist 487 Offline
Gladiato Gladiator 207 Offline
Green Virus Alchemist 263 Offline
Grin Biochemist 181 Offline
Grin Viral Gladiator 214 Offline
Grinn Viral Ninja 508 Offline
Grinviral Ninja 249 Offline
Head Shot Sniper 157 Offline
Head Splitter Gladiator 483 Offline
Healz For Dayz Biochemist 142 Offline
Kitsune Biochemist 751 Online
Kozuki Hiyori Sniper 302 Offline
Legend Sniper 334 Offline
Light Yagami Sniper 264 Offline
Lucius Biochemist 122 Offline
Marleth Sniper 131 Offline
Mastar Ninja 225 Offline
Nalakhan Gladiator 666 Offline
Okami Alchemist 545 Online
Oldn Gladiator 254 Offline
Prodigy Ninja 312 Offline
Quick Scope Sniper 248 Offline
Ra's Al Ghul Alchemist 250 Offline
Reaper Ninja 636 Offline
Rebirth Druid Biochemist 643 Offline
Shatzker Sniper 453 Online
Sotako Nakara Elite Knight 95 Offline
Spartacus Gladiator 549 Offline
Tomahawk Gladiator 273 Offline
Trippy Ninja 206 Offline
Tsuru Tuneado Alchemist 248 Offline
Veggie Biochemist 625 Offline

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Version: 12.40

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