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King Zelos
With latest server save we have released another Grave Danger boss: King Zelos
After sanctifying all graves, report back to Jack Springer. You'll now have to face the leader of the Lich Knights, King Zelos, which can be accessed through the Isle of the Kings. This battle can be fought with up to 10 players, and a full team is recommended. You have 24 minutes to defeat Zelos before being kicked out of the room.

In order to fight King Zelos, your team will first need to defeat 4 Lich Knights that are doing the ritual to resurrect the King. The biggest challenge of the fight is killing them fast enough, since the longer it takes, the stronger King Zelos becomes. If you cannot kill the 4 minibosses in less than approximately 12 minutes, it will be impossible to kill King Zelos because it will be too strong or even immune to all damage.

Posted on 24 Jan 2021 - 11:01
First Dragon

Rumour has it that new clues about the first dragon that had direct contact with humans, Garsharak's son, have come to light. Being the chatterbox he is, Vigintius may know a thing or two about it so make sure to squeeze out any bit of information he has to share. Embark on an adveturous journey across the tibian lands as you search for traces of the First Dragon and his descendants, the ancestors of dragons as we know them.

Will you be able to discover their whereabouts? And even more important, do you have what it takes to face these legendary creatures? Find out if there is more to the tale of a beautfiul festive garment that once fell into the claws of the First Dragon and has been lost ever since.

Between the server saves of January 14 and February 12 you have the opportunity to show your skills against various dragon species. Defeat the fearsome beasts and prove yourself worthy to face the First Dragon.

Posted on 9 Jan 2021 - 14:01
Christmas Unline World 2020
Our old man Santa Claus arrived in the lands of Unline and is already delivering gifts to all the good players who have reached the goal of level 150.
And from the server save until the 21th of December at 06:00 AM we will have a 30% discount in the entire store until the 24th of December at 06:00 AM.

Posted on 21 Dec 2020 - 00:12

Embark on this journey to Kilmaresh, a large peninsula and prosperous empire with a rich history.

“Issavi's massive walls glowed brightly as I stood in front of the magnificent gate ...…”

Welcome to Kilmaresh

In the strict care of Jack Springer. Confidential.

I arrived inKilmaresh about a week ago and have been traveling through this wonderful land ever since. Awe and admiration have been my constant companions in this place that is really something else. However, I also feel it: evil is slowly devouring Kilmareshlife and soul . So, my time is short and my help is needed here. Right now, I'm trying to gather evidence to unmask a traitor who is consorting with Fafnar forbidden cult . These cultists have become a real threat. They are corrupting the hearts of more and more living creatures here.

In the times we live in, Jack, they are turbulent and chaotic. When delicious ballads during a theater performance not only send the audience into ecstasy, but also powerful demons in that realm, you know that someone is weaving a network of lies to attack innocent victims.

Attached with this letter, I send you some of my humble sketches and notes about Kilmaresh so that you can find some clues to the answers you are looking for.


Over a thousand years ago, Kilmaresh formed a contiguous landmass with Krailos and Oramond. It was inhabited by a human civilization that established a prosperous empire. They built large cities, engaged in advanced navigation and maintained a high scientific, arcane and cultural level.

The people of this ancient empire worshiped the two sun gods, Suon and Fafnar. They attached great importance to the fact that the worship of both deities was always in balance. Unfortunately, there came a time when a group of Fafnar followers became increasingly influential and aggressive until they postulated the exclusive worship of Fafnar. This resulted in a civil war between Fafnar followers and those who fought for the duality of the two sun gods. Ultimately, the war was ended by Suonhimself . It separated from the eastern peninsula from the western part of the landmass by a strait, destroying the ancient capital Nuur. This event has been known as the Suon wrath ever since.

A wise sphinx, lamassu or gryphon has been taking on the role of empress or emperor ever since. These days, a sphinx empress rules over Kilmaresh wisely and benevolently.

The Anuma took control of Kilmaresh to prevent humans from causing disaster again, and thus a new empire emerged. The Anuma are magical beings who, according to legend, were created by the sun gods: sphinxes, lamassu, gryphons and manticores. Befire SuonWrath , they had barely maintained contact with the old empire. The Anuma established several laws to the new empire that all humans had to meet. A wise Anuma has assumed the role of empress or emperor since then. Currently, a sphinx, lamassu or gryphon has assumed the role of empress or emperor since then. Currently, a sphinx empress rules Kilmaresh with wisdom and benevolence.

The Sphinxes thave a leonine body great wings of feathers and human heads, with their faces with a mixture of human with feline. They are highly intelligent and supposedly immortal.

Manticores are fierce creatures, with the body of a lion, a human face, leathery wings and a huge scorpion tail. They are lethal predators that have a preference for human flesh.

Lamassu has the body of a bull, feathered wings and a human head. They are benevolent towards humans - unless you disturb the peace of sacred places or cemeteries. In this case, they can be very unforgiving.

Gryphons have the body, tail and hind legs of a lion but the front legs, head and wings of an eagle or falcon. It is said that out of all Anuma, the sun god Suon loved griffins the most while his wild sister Fafnar preferred the manticores. In rare cases, a griffin will forge a bond with a human he considers worthy. If this happens, the griffin will agree to carry the mortal on its back.

After the fury of Suon, the cult Fafnar was banned and prohibited. However, there was still no union between the humans of Kilmaresh. Some now demanded exclusive worship to Suon, while others insisted that there should always be a divine duality. They considered the goddess of the sea Bastesh as the new real sister Suon. The Anuma intervened to prevent further religious disputes. They decreed that both - the exclusive cult of Suon or Bastesh as well as the cult of both gods together - should be allowed. Only the cult of Fafnar remained banned. However, a cult to Fafnar persisted in hiding and has been waiting for the return of the Wild Sun for centuries.

In the past, numerous enslaved ogres lived in Kilmaresh , but the Anuma freed them after Suon's Fury and took most of them to Krailos . A single tribe still lives north of the ruined city, Nuur.

Krailos, Kilmaresh has a hot, dry climate. Temperatures are very high, especially in the summer, and it doesn't rain much. Still, the island is not afflicted by scarcity of water that splits the Krailos lakes and rivers with salt. There is the great river Nykri, which rises in the mountains and its coasts are very fertile. So the capital Issavi was built at its fork. In addition, there have always been oases in the steppe, which house small establishments or stations for travelers.

To the east of the strait that separates Kilmaresh from Krailos, there is mainly a region of dry steppes. A large mountain range is located on the central peninsula and one will always discover small oases and tombs scattered across the steppe. In addition, there are many rock formations, intervened with a rare blue ore, Tagralt, which has many magical properties and cannot be found anywhere else in Tibia.

Issavi is a splendid city with magnificent temples, palaces and government buildings, five to six stories high and built in stages. The buildings are made of solid stone, primarily beige-yellow sandstone and appear dense and sharp.

One of the characteristics that define urban landscapes is the colors red and blue. Red or orange represents the sun god Suon and blue the goddess of the sea Bastesh. Statues of these two entities can be found in many parts of the city, as well as portraits of the Anuma. The city has large markets as well as smaller shops on the ground level of some houses. Above all, Issavi is prosperous, lived, clean and imposing.

Speed ??up, my friend! I will soon go to the hideous island that you mentioned in your letter. I can already feel Cobra's lethal gaze on me.

Until we meet again ,,

Posted on 16 Dec 2020 - 10:12
Technical Maintenance Work
We had to reset the Unline world to the state 8th of December, 6:00 AM BR TIME, losing about 12 hours of progress today, due to a problem with the boss Scarlett Etzel the same thing that happened on the 5th of December but I was not very sure because didn't give much information about the crash.
We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. We recovered everyone's stamina.

Posted on 8 Dec 2020 - 19:12
Technical Maintenance Work
We had to reset the Unline world to the state of December 5th, 6:00 AM BR TIME, losing about 13 hours of progress today, but the levels and experience from players obtained today have not been reset and stamina has been recovered, we have added another bonus of double loot until server save on December 7th.

Posted on 5 Dec 2020 - 23:12
Double XP and Skill event

Dear readers,

To try to reward them for the time we have been offline for the past few days due to a hacker who managed to hack into some accounts, I hope everything will be back to normal and everyone will recover their accounts by the weekend.

Between server saves from 4 and 6 December, all creatures will grant double the usual amount of experience points for all level classes. In addition, your skills, including the magic level, will advance twice as fast, even during offline training.

Have fun!

Posted on 3 Dec 2020 - 12:12
Accounts Security
Dear Tibians,
for security reasons all account names and passwords have been changed and a 2FA token system has been added, now to login as much on the client as on the website, the token authenticator will be required, the installation of the Authy application for smartphones will be necessary (recommended application and with better compatibility), in the next few days I will be sending the new account name, password and QR code data via email to the accounts that have a valid email, for those who already have the recovery key it is possible to be recovering your account from your characters.

Posted on 1 Dec 2020 - 17:12
Unline Update
With latest server save we have released another quest and a new hunting ground: Grave Danger Quest and The Order of the Cobra Quest

Note: the 7th tomb located in Kilmaresh, is not yet available for access, but it is still possible to face the mini bosses of the Grave Danger Quest and the bosses of the cobra bastion and collect exclusive items, and I want to warn you on this post that we will have a discount 35%off on this black friday on all store products until the server save on 28th November.

Posted on 26 Nov 2020 - 08:11
Technical Maintenance Work
We had to reset the Unline world to the state of November 20, 6:00 AM BR TIME, losing about 15 hours of progress today, due to a technical problem due to the use of macros to change outfits and in addition we had to disable it again the outfits bonuses system. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. We recovered everyone's stamina and activated double experience until the server save on November 22 for players below lvl 700.

Posted on 20 Nov 2020 - 21:11

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