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Premium time will only end if the character is online.
With maker recovery you can remove any maker and add to another equipment, maker recovery is free you can see it in your inbox store near the quickloot pouch.
Premium Time
Premium Time 30 Days 250
Premium Time 90 Days 750
Premium Time 180 Days 1500
Premium Time 360 Days
Save 500
Sex Change 120
Name Change 250
Amulet of loss (10 charges) 100
Broken Amulet (10 charges) 1000
Permanent Prey Slot 900
5x Prey Bonus Reroll 50
20x Prey Bonus Reroll 200
1x Upgrade Token 30
5x Upgrade Tokens 150
15x Upgrade Tokens 450
Ultimate Teleport Scroll 500
XP Boost 30
Special Item Makers
For Weapons
Brutal Weapon Maker 1.75x 350
Brutal Weapon Maker 2.5x 500
For Helmets
Warlocks Helmet Maker 8 250
Supreme Helmet Maker 5% 250
Blessed Helmet Maker 10 500
Magically-Blessed Helmet Maker 10 500
For Armors
Rigid Armor Maker 15% 300
Rigid Armor Maker 25% 500
Mystick Armor Maker 15% 300
Mystick Armor Maker 25% 500
Supreme Armor Maker 30% 1100
For Legs
Supreme Legs Maker 5% 250
Warlock Legs Maker 8 250
For Backpacks
Blessed Backpack Maker 5 250
Blessed Backpack Maker 10 500
Magically-Blessed Backpack Maker 5 250
Magically-Blessed Backpack Maker 10 500
For Shields
Double-forced Shield Maker 20% 350
Double-forced Shield Maker 30% 500
Magically-shielded Shield Maker 20% 350
Magically-shielded Shield Maker 30% 500
For Rings
Blessed Ring Maker 5 250
Magically-Blessed Ring Maker 5 250
Warlocks Ring Maker 8 250
Warlocks Ring Maker 15 500
For Dolls/Quivers
Warlocks Doll Maker 8 250
Warlocks Doll Maker 15 500
For Shoes/Boots
Speedy Shoes Maker 20% 200
Speedy Shoes Maker 35% 350
Speedy Shoes Maker 50% 500
For amulet/necklace
Charmed amulet maker 25% 4500
Charmed amulet maker 35% 5500
Charmed amulet maker 50% 7500
What is a Premium Time?
A premium time provides the following benefits inside the game for a certain period of time:
  • Exclusive outfits.
  • Ability to open all level doors at any level.
  • You can have up to 4 characters online in the same account, remembering that the premium time had run faster.
  • Enlarged VIP list. Your VIP list capacity will be upgraded from 50 to 200 players. With up to 200 players on your list you will always know when your friends are online!
  • Advanced Promotion. Promoted characters of level 50 or higher can get the advanced promotion at the Advanced Promotion NPC for 50k.
  • New rank: A master sorcerer becomes alchemist, an elite knight becomes a gladiator, a royal paladin becomes a sniper, an elder druid becomes a biochemist, and an assassin becomes a ninja.
  • If you are a knight or paladin you will be able to use rage potions. These potions increase melee and distance damage by 20% and are available at magic shops.
  • Reduced death penalty by 1%.
  • Cool new spells for advanced promoted characters.
  • Found a guild or become a vice-leader.
What is an Upgrade Token?

The upgrading system allows you to upgrade the ability of your current weapon or armor.
After upgrading an item a message will display and the item will have a +1 added to it.
Items can be upgraded up to +15.
EquipmentEffects of Upgrade
(Melee, Distance, Wands Rods)
Each +1 increases 5% damage
ShieldEach +2 increases 1 Def
If the item is +15 it receives a 1 Def bonus
Each +2 increase 1 Arm
If the item is +15 it receives a 1 Arm bonus

Note: upgrade tokens added to equipment and weapons chance to 100% successful. Items can be upgraded up to +15.
Each token provides 1 upgrade.

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