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19.02.2021 The Ruthless Seven had healing power reduced by 50%.
17.02.2021 Fixed Abodes of Torment respaws where some creatures were appearing inside walls and mountains.
13.02.2021 Gazer Specter, Burster Specter and Ripper Specter had their loots revised.
13.02.2021 Fixed the price of supremes and ultimates potions sold in Npcs.
8.02.2021 Two new pages have been added, Store History and Donation History to better track your transactions. Donation History has only transactions made on paygol and picpay.
7.02.2021 From the next server save The Dreams Courts Quest and their missions will already be available, but it will still not be possible to face the final bosses.
5.02.2021 House auctions up to 50 sqm will end in 24 hours.
1.02.2021 It is no longer possible to move any item directly or manually into the Quickloot Pouch, a measure to avoid problems related to the use of macros reported by some players.
1.02.2021 Brazilian only: Novo método de doação adicionado, o PicPay é um método de pagamento fácil e prático.
29.01.2021 The server opening hours after Server Save have been fixed.
28.01.2021 Unline World Client Mobile is available for download.
27.01.2021 Corrected description of some imbuements products in the store.
27.01.2021 Imbuements products can now be purchased at the store.
26.01.2021 Forum has been disabled for maintenance.
23.01.2021 Creatures in the Winter and Summer Court of the Dreamborn had their loots revised.
23.01.2021 Daggers can be imbued with elemental damage.
22.01.2021 Creatures in the Asura Palace had their loots revised.
21.01.2021 Creatures in the secret library had their loots revised.
21.01.2021 Pets elemental waves spells won a new formula based on ultimate strikes spells.
21.01.2021 Fixed some conversations with The Djinn War Quest npcs, and in addition the stone skin amulet will be back with its original bonuses and be able to buy it with npc Haroun.
20.01.2021 Fixed delivery of first items when leaving from Rookgaard, but keep in mind that if you dont have the capacity the items will drop on the floor.
19.01.2021 New characters will start on Rookgaard and were able to decide their pvp status.
17.01.2021 Corrected access to Grand Master Oberon, it is necessary to find all 12 books.
16.01.2021 The Ruthless Seven now they have the chance to appear at any time of the day and not at a pre-configured time.
16.01.2021 More than 1100 characters level 8 inactive in the last 4 months have been deleted.
14.01.2021 Now you can unlink authenticator from you account. Keep in mind that an authenticator is an important security feature which helps to prevent any unauthorised access to your account.
13.01.2021 Cobra Sword can now be used by vocation thieves.
11.01.2021 Improved the formula of Paralyze rune, before it could not reduce the speed bonus that existed in items, now it reduces all target speed by 90%.
10.01.2021 Fixed an issue in the Restraining Knives spell that was possible to use even with walls blocking the path.
8.01.2021 The chain chance of a target using Restraining Knives, was increased from 20% to 50%, and the Chain Cuffs creature had a 50% increase in defenses.
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