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8.05.2021 The Ruthless Seven had healing and damage increased by 50%.
4.05.2021 Fixed the loot statistic of the main hunting grounds.
29.04.2021 Some dolls and quivers was added to the gamestore.
27.04.2021 Fixed the hotkey equip function for shields and ammunitions.
23.04.2021 Fixed Magic Shield, it is possible to renew without waiting to break the barrier and the +50% increase in the formula has been removed.
18.04.2021 King Tibianus started selling special skills for gold coins, being stackable with special skills acquired by tournament points, the limit of special skills went from 25% each to 15%.
18.04.2021 It is no longer possible to change the damage element of the Elemental Wand while it is equipped.
16.04.2021 Blood Brothers Quest has been added.
4.04.2021 Points for killing monsters, increased from 1% to 10%, in the guild level system.
4.04.2021 Increasing the happy hour exp bonus from 2 hours to 3 hours. Note that this is only visible with OTClient v8, since there is no more support for tibia 10.
4.04.2021 Removed the limit cooldown of charmed amulets makers.
28.03.2021 Energy Ring has been fixed.
25.03.2021 Fixed the Lions Rock Quest, clicking on the skeleton was resetting the quest.
25.03.2021 It is possible to imbue Deepling Fork.
23.03.2021 Fixed Equip Hotkey function from distance weapons and dolls.
22.03.2021 The Items List has been updated with new weapons from The Ruthless Seven including new Bows, Staffs, Axes, Clubs, Swords and Daggers
21.03.2021 Fixed the method of removing players from the guild.
20.03.2021 Fixed the Magic Shield formula.
15.03.2021 Items List has been added to our Unline Word page for an overview of all items on the server.
14.03.2021 Bosses from Plains of Havoc's pits of Inferno all of them will show up in 12 hours, and not just 1 of them randomly.
12.03.2021 Fixed when trying to open holes with picks that have some type of fluids on them.
12.03.2021 Fixed Nature's Embrace spell cooldown.
4.03.2021 The Magic Shield (utamo vita) formula has been improved to +50%.
4.03.2021 Fixed the command !petdistance that was not working properly.
3.03.2021 Fixed the problem of players continuing with conditions (ex: fire, poison, drown) in the Tournaments Arenas.
2.03.2021 Compensation mode in invasions, when dying to raid creatures you will not lose skills, level or items.
28.02.2021 Death penalty is no longer with old formula.
28.02.2021 Portal for the dynamic PvP Arena in Aurora, has been reactivated, in the dynamic PvP Arena you do not lose level or skills.
27.02.2021 Flask with Snake Poison, used to poison the soup cauldron in Cobra Bastion's kitchen, can be used more than once, thus increasing the duration of time not just 30 minutes.
27.02.2021 Fixed the Ethereal Spear spell, which was not working properly.
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