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Award Winners
Before the launch day I announced that I would award 100 tibia coins to the top 10 that login here they are the winners:
  • 1° Sudeki.
  • 2° Netero.
  • 3° Adicto Here.
  • 4° Deivid.
  • 5° Gustavo.
  • 6° Lisboa.
  • 7° La Wera.
  • 8° Master Fenix.
  • 9° Guaymasx.
  • 10° Meyrick.
Congratulations to the top 10 winners hope these tibia coins help a lot in-game. From you Adm Final Warning

Posted on 8 Sep 2019 - 23:09
Welcome to Underground Unline World

RPG Server with a lot of quests!

Choose PvP or No-PvP for your character.

Never use the same password as other OTs in Unline World.

Server Info

  • Retro Open PVP
  • Rates: exp stages, 10x skills, 10x magic.
  • Versão 10.0 (client próprio sem instalador)
  • 24/7 Uptime (No lag)
  • 100% Custom Map.
  • Download our custom client at

Special Features:

  • *Ninja Vocation! *UNLINE EXCLUSIVE*
  • Original Pet System. Your pets can learn spells and evolve as they level up. 60 Pet Races available.
  • Constant Updates.
  • 100% global map with all quests +1 unique and exclusive city.
  • +50 hunts areas and new quests
  • Item Upgrade System.
  • Items with Special Abilities.
  • Monster Eggs.
  • Dynamic PvP Arena.
  • Custom spells, monsters and items.
  • Advanced promotions.

Posted on 3 Sep 2019 - 13:09

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Players: 134
IP: unline.us
Port: 7171
Version: 12.20

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